The Association for the Quality of Ayurveda and Yoga (AYUSH Europe), is a voluntary, non-profit, independent association in the territory of the European Union and UK. The purpose of the association is to promote the original Ayurveda, yoga, and other traditions of India. We emphasize protecting and maintaining the original quality of these practices and communicating their benefits. In times of excessive commercialization, the practices are often changed from the original framework–always to the detriment of practitioners and recipients of the information.

At AYUSH Europe, we are establishing an informational, educational, legal and development platform, while encouraging research. We believe that establishing an assessment system and implementing it Europe-wide will help with the protection and maintenance of the original qualities.


Remarkable Global Conferences and Gatherings organised or co-organised by the AYUSH Europe or with active participation by AYUSH Europe distinguished speakers & international delegates:

  • 2021: Brno, Czech Republic: Yoga in Daily Life International Conference
  • 2019: Split, Croatia: 35 years of Yoga in Daily Life in Croatia International Conference
  • 2019: Brdo, Slovenia: 30 years of Yoga in Daily Life in Slovenia
  • 2019: London, UK: »Second International Yoga Conference« – promotion of Yoga in Central Europe
  • 2019: Gyor, Hungary: 40 years of Yoga in Daily Life in Hungary and 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi International Conference
  • 2018: Boston, USA, Harvard Medical School: »3rd International Conference on Integrative Medicine« – presenting Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Europe
  • 2018: New York, United Nations: UN Panel Discussion Transformation Through Yoga
  • 2018: New York, United Nations: World Peace Council Conference: Yoga for World Peace
  • 2017: New York, United Nations: »United Nations General Assembly’s summit Building Sustainable Peace for All«
  • 2016: Prague, Czech Republic: International Conference by the SMWPC “Yoga in Daily Life – a Path to non-violence and World Peace”
  • 2015: Vienna, Austria, United Nations: World Peace Council International conference “Yoga – a Path to Non-Violence and World Peace”
  • 2014: Bled Strategic Forum, Slovenia: High-Level India Government & Business Delegation
  • 2014: Vienna, Austria: World Peace Council »World Peace Forum«